Workshop Registration and details

Willow Creek, Wyoming Photography Workshops

June 10-16 and September 20-26, 2017






CONTACT: Adam Jahiel - POB 501 - Story, WY -  82842 - USA   307-751-8655

Cost $1500.00

Wyoming Photographic Workshops

Willow Creek Ranch, WY 2017

Workshop Notes as of 7-1-2017

I will be updating this as time goes by. Please check back for additions and changes.


The workshop is filling up. It has been fun to meet people from all over the world!

This is going to be so much fun (and work).

Make sure you bring your CAMERA MANUALS. These can be the original booklet, or downloaded on your computer from going to the manufacturers web site, and typically, looking under “Support”. I have copies of various manuals everywhere, including my laptop, Ipad, and cell phone. You never know when you might hit the wrong button and lock up your overly complicated camera.


Here is the Willow Creek Ranch Website:

Here is a link to the fall 2013 participant’s work.

Here is a link to my website:


Workshop fee

$1500.00  All inclusive. Includes workshop, meals and lodging, and airport-ranch-airport transportation.

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot. You can pay by check or use your credit card .

Nearest airport is in Casper, WY, about 2 hours from the Ranch. We provide transportation from Casper, to and from the Willow Creek Ranch, in order to avoid people having to rent cars. As your travel schedules become firm, please email me your travel information so I can start working on the logistics. Other airports in the area are Sheridan, WY, ( 2 hours), and Billings, MT, (3 ½ hours, comes through Sheridan).


Workshop arrival and departure time

Attendees can aim to arrive at the workshop between 12-6 p.m. Since travel logistics can vary, please check with us with your plans so that we can accommodate and know when to expect everybody.  On the final day of the workshop, attendees can leave that night, although most will choose to leave the next morning. Some folks will fly into Casper the day before, spend the night in a hotel, and get picked up around noon on the workshop arrival day.

What skill level do I need to be ?

All levels of skill are welcome, from beginners to pros. You just need to love taking pictures. There will be plenty of one-on-one time available for guidance with both shooting and post processing.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Bring what you have. Don’t make the mistake of being over-encumbered with photo-gear. If you have a second camera, even a point and shoot, bring that. It is always nice to have a backup camera. Cameras and lenses are not bomb-proof! Since you will be hours away from the nearest camera store, plan ahead!

Here is a list of equipment suggestions:


Essential Equipment:



-Batteries : Important to bring several batteries. I suggest at least two. If you are shooting and checking your screen all day, you will go through a lot of power

-Battery charger: Very important

-Memory Cards: Memory is inexpensive. You don’t want to run out of this, although many will be downloading to their laptops if they bring them.

Optional Equipment:

-Tripod: Not an absolute must, but nice to have. Something small but stable is fine.

-Cable Release: Not an absolute must, but nice to have.

-Filters: A Polarizing filter is useful. There are two types of polarizing filter: linear and circular. For digital cameras you need the (sadly more expensive) circular type.

-Laptop: Not necessary, but really nice to have. One of the advantages of using a digital camera, is that you will be able to shoot, download your work, discuss what worked and what didn’t, and head out the next day , armed with your new-found knowledge. I use a Mac, with Photoshop and Lightroom. Some people have used Ipads. There are some free or inexpensive photo-editing programs available for downloading.

-Software: I am more interested in the process of shooting and thinking than teaching you how to manipulate images using the various software that is available. At the same time, depending on your needs and desires, I am happy to teach you, or at least get you moving in the right direction with these programs. In 2013, we used Photoshop Elements, for those thinking about photo editing software. About $70.00, and does a lot of the stuff you find in Photoshop.

And you can check out this link

Adobe Photoshop Elements PC/Mac, ($70.00) and Adobe Lightroom, ( $150.00) are both really great tools.

-Thumb or external hard drive. Great for moving files from your laptop to the workshop computer that we will be using to look at, and edit your photos with.

-Pencils paper, etc. Take lots of notes!

-Manual(s) for Camera

-Backup Camera

Personal gear:

Hat/Sunglasses/Comfortable walking shoes/layers! /at least one warm coat (it is Wyoming. You never know) Average June and September temperatures range from 74 during the day to 42 at night. Think about bringing a small flashlight, sun block, bug spray, and the like. In the fall of 2013, we had beautiful, dramatic weather, it rained one night, and on the last day we woke up to 6” of snow, which made for some great photography opportunities. It was an unusual early snow, and for fall 2014, we will be moving the workshop up a week, but as I said, it is Wyoming.



There are several cabins, and rooms in the main bunkhouse, where you will be eating your meals. There are always beverages and snacks available, and if we head out for the day, picnic lunches will be provided. If you want to bring beer, wine, spirits, we will make a stop at the liquor store on the way to the ranch.

Willow Creek Ranch also has three camps, complete with tents already set up, large fire pit, and Chuck wagon. Willow Creek Ranch supplies all the bedding, food and even a musician! It’s pretty cushy. We have the option of spending a night or two at one of these, where we can photograph the cowboys and horses at first and last light.

Spouses and friends:


To accompany the workshop members, you need to pay the full workshop fee. To join us at meals and stay in the accommodations, an additional fee will be required. The Willow Creek Ranch is not a ranch with hot tubs/TV/golf course and so on. It is a great place to relax, think, read, write, and enjoy the great outdoors.


Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds: 

To reserve space on a WPW, a 50% deposit is required. Fall Workshop, the balance must be made by August 15. 

Payment can be made on this website – or -

Payments must be made by check, MC, Visa, or PayPal. WPW reserves the right to cancel a reservation if full payment has not been received by 30 days prior to departure. All cancellation notices must be received in writing and will become effective as of the date of the postmark or email. There are no refunds for cancellations thirty (30) days or less prior to departure. A fifty percent (50%) tuition refund will be given for all cancellations 31 days or more only if we can fill your spot. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY, even for medical emergencies. WPW STRONGLY RECOMMENDS TRIP INSURANCE to protect you in the event of an unexpected situation that prevents you from attending the workshop.

Refunds may be used as credit toward a future workshop